I Believe


So, I am watching Bull Durham the other night and Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) goes into his soliloquy about what he believes – “…high fiber…good scotch…I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone…”. That got me to thinking, “What do I believe?” In case you were wondering, here are some of my beliefs related to business and life:

Let’s start with what should be obvious – I believe that if you disagree with a comment on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, don’t read it. If you don’t like the values portrayed in a movie or a book or a song, don’t watch/read/listen.

I believe in more tolerance and less outrage. And, I definitely believe in less “faux outrage” (Cory Booker for you “blues”; Sean Hannity for you “reds”).

I believe we need to look at intent before we get offended at the result instead of assuming the person meant to offend.

I believe I need to be forgiven significantly more often than I need to forgive.

I believe we need to do “…a little more lookin’ out for the other guy, too.” (Not mine – Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington).

I believe you should pay more for quality that will last than less for crap that won’t.

I believe the TV stations should stop all going to commercial at the same time.

I believe that, unless you are playing for real prize money, go ahead and hit another ball (That’s for you, Tony).

I believe that the pros get paid to wear logos. The Tiger Woods logo hat, with the Nike logo shirt, and the Nike logo shorts, and the Nike shoes just makes you look like a “wannabe”.

I believe bonuses are not guaranteed. Show up, work hard, and achieve your goals = base salary. Exceed your goals = bonus. Blow away your goals on a regular and sustained basis = promotion.

I believe you need to “pay your dues”.

I believe life is not fair. It is not supposed to be. What you do with the hand you’re dealt is what defines you. God decides who gets what and when. He has a plan and He knows what He is doing.

I believe dogs are better than cats.

I believe all movies should have a happy ending – the guy should get the girl and the good guys should always win. “Do you believe in miracles? YES!”

I believe Bruce Springsteen should be the poet laureate of the United States.

Speaking of Bruce, I believe in a Promised Land.

I believe watching Matthew Marcon run from a dug-out to shortstop and tip his cap to me is when I was most happy and I believe becoming a dad to Keaton Cross changed my life.

I believe you should wear a suit to meet clients and you should dress up to go on a plane.

I believe you should not leave mass early, but it is OK to read the bulletin during the homily if it is boring (because I believe the priest has the responsibility not to be boring).

I believe in reading the newspaper… and magazines… and books… in print and not on a computer. Yes, there is more to carry. But, the experience makes up for it.

I believe in handwritten thank you notes and birthday cards, not texts.

I believe the commercial where the grandmother asks her “precocious granddaughter” who is working away on an iPad tablet device, “What are you doing on your computer?” and the granddaughter replies, “What’s a computer?” is obnoxious.

I believe in “real” Christmas cards and not “Shutterfly” cards. Yes, it takes longer. Use the time to think about why we are celebrating the holiday.

I believe my Mom and Dad are together in heaven and I will see them when I die.

I believe Penelope is a miracle sent to me by God at just the right time (see, He does know what He is doing).

I believe you should let your kids do their own science fair project. I want to hire people who learned how to fail and recover. I believe you should let them climb up the slide and slide down the bannister. Yup, they might break a bone or need some stiches. Because, I believe my Nonno was right – it builds character.

I believe Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the best candy on the planet.

I believe you let your employees try new ideas and fail. Then, you let them try again. Even if you already know that the idea won’t work, ask yourself one question – “Will the outcome be fatal to the company?” If not, let them try.

I believe you celebrate failure as much as you celebrate success. Maybe more.

I believe Door County, WI is heaven on earth.

I believe Mary Marcon is a miracle sent to me by God at just the right time (see, He does know what He is doing).

I believe I am most content sitting in the back booth at PC Junction in Baileys Harbor, WI at 8:00 pm on a summer Friday night with Mary and the proprietors/good friends, Bill and Denise, just talking.

I believe sliding your hand over a freshly planed and sanded piece of woodwork created by your “ownself” is one of the best feelings in the world.

I believe St. Thomas More is the best role model for sticking to your principles and Bill Bradley is the best role model for student-athletes.

I believe we should strive to build great businesses, not just do great deals.

I believe “to whom much is given, much is expected” and that we need to pay our fair share. I also believe that the State of California needs to develop a better definition of “fair share”.

I believe all kids should have a paper route, mow lawns, rake leaves, and shovel driveways.

I believe that I will never drive a better car than when I had my 1984, metallic baby blue, Nissan 300ZX, “legendary Z car”. As the commercial said back then – IT… IS… AWESOME!

I believe that the “professionalization” of youth sports is a terrible thing. Johnny is not going to be a pro.

I believe I have been blessed beyond what I deserve – and I do not know why. I believe, one day, I will find out.

I believe there are no excuses, there are only consequences.

I believe in Hail Mary’s – lots and lots of them.

I believe the U.S. is the greatest country on the planet and a beacon of hope for the world – and Washington, DC needs to recognize that and start acting like it.

I believe in teamwork and “playing the game the right way” – make an extra pass, move the runner over, run out your flyballs.

I believe when you hit a homerun, score a touchdown, or make a “3”, you should act like you meant to do it and not like it hasn’t already been done by thousands of people before you – walk off, last play of Super Bowl, and Game 7 buzzer beaters are excepted.

What else do I believe? I BELIEVE.

Michael C. Marcon is the founder and Managing Member of M3K Holdings, Chairman of The Marcon Foundation, founder and former CEO of Equity Risk Partners and former chairman of the Ursinus College board of trustees. He tweets from @mcm7464. Tweet him any of your questions about business, leadership or life.

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