About Michael Marcon


The first thing you’ll learn about me is that I am uncomfortable talking about me.  Being a CEO and always “being on” leads me to conclude that I am an “extroverted introvert”.  The best and easiest way to learn about me is to start with the first post and just keep going.  I think you’ll find I am pretty much an open book – and not very complicated.  If you want a short-cut, go right to “I Believe”.  That post will sum it all up.  If you want more detail, here it is…

I have been blessed with a great family – The Marcon’s immigrated from Padua, Italy to the South Side of Chicago.  The Sasso’s, a 50/50 mix of Croatian and Polish settled in Chicago’s Polish neighborhood.  My parents (you will read alot about them). 7 sets of aunts/uncles, 20+ cousins, and 4 siblings have been the foundation of my life.

I have been blessed with a great family – Mary came into my life when I least expected it.  She has given me grace, faith, strength, and courage.  Keaton and Matthew have allowed me to grow as a man.  I have never been more aware of the impact of my decisions and actions than when I became a father.  That includes all of the bad decisions and dumb actions.  Mary, Matthew, and Keaton (the foundation of M3K) have been the purpose of my life.

I have been blessed with a great family – Keaton married Laura in 2015.  I saw devotion and commitment develop in real time.  They gave us Penelope in 2017 and Henry in 2019.   I watched two miracles occur before my very eyes.  Penelope and Henry are the re-dedication of my life.

I have been blessed with great teachers and a wonderful education.  Infant Jesus of Prague and Bergen Catholic HS provided my faith based knowledge that sustains my decision making today.  Ursinus College provided the liberal arts foundation for my critical thinking, reasoning, and communication.  Drexel University enhanced my knowledge of business and finance and allowed my career to take flight.

I have been blessed with great jobs at great companies and was mentored by great bosses.  From Tom McCarthy, Hal Schwalm, and John Edmonds at CIGNA to Russ Sands, Phil Buchanan, and Pat Ryan at Aon to John Pasquesi, Dick Riley, and Jim Quinn at Equity Risk Partners.  I learned about corporate America at CIGNA and Aon.  I climbed and I hustled.  I learned about risk and reward at Equity Risk.  I tried and I failed and I tried again.  I succeeded.  Not by skill.  Not by luck.  But, by blessing and grace – and great colleagues who fixed my mistakes and carried me on their shoulders.

And, now, I am going to do it all over again.  This time, not because I have to or need to, but because I want to.  Just like my passion for golf and woodworking (and Bruce), I long to repeat the feeling of the perfectly struck shot, the perfectly fit dovetail, and the perfect live version of The Promised Land.  I want – no, I need – to try to build the perfect firm.  Not doable, you say?  Well, Coach Eric Taylor absolves me thusly – “Character, it’s in the trying.”

What do you need to know about me?  Simple.  I’m trying.